Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Kick Ass signing

I would say I have three main passions in my life. Music, photography and comics. My day job has been working in comic shops for about 10 years now and comics, the art and the industry mean a hell of a lot to me.

On Sunday, through my job I got to meet and photograph two people who are quite big in the comics industry. Mark Millar who has written some great stories and John Romita JR, who to me is an absolute legend.

We had them in the FP London store to sign copies of Kick Ass and getting to hang out, talk comics with and photograph these people is an experience that is hard to top.

One of the things I love about shooting signings being able to shoot some natural shots and i'm photographing people I normally would never get the chance to.

There's a few more photos here.

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