Monday, 22 March 2010

Fistful of Rollers

After shooting the last London Rollergirls bout I got the bug and really wanted to shoot some more.

The Texas Hustlers team were coming over and they, along with the London Rollergirls were hosting a two day bootcamp and bout in the Excel London. I really wanted to shoot the bootcamp/training days as I thought that would be really interesting and it would be really interesting to see and photograph another side to the roller derby. Unfortunatly there were other photographers shooting it so I couldn't go but I got to go to the bouts in the evening.

This was a lot different to the first one I shot, the venue was a lot bigger (obviously), there were two shorter bouts and there were 1200 people there. They had specific zones for photographers and as there were a lot of us I decided to stick it out in one area and just safe guard a spot.

The bouts were superb, I think because of the occasion and the crowd there was a lot more enery and speed to the skating. It was such a good night. I'm still feeling quite limited to the photos of the bouts I can get as I don't have a long enough zoom lens but i'm happy with some of the photos.

I went to the after party too which was great phone. It's such an open and welcoming community. It's definitely something i'd like to be more of a part of.

London Brawl Saints vs Glasgow Irn Bruisers

London Brawling vs Texas Hustlers

Some extra shots

More Brawl Saints/Bruisers photos are here.

More Brawling/Hustlers photos are here.

Other photos from the night are here.

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