Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cupid's Cabaret Shoot

The awesome Keith Suave asked me if i'd take some photos for him for the poster/fliers for his valentines day show 'Glitter Room presents Cupid's Cabaret'.

The first idea mentioned was an American Beauty style shoot but Keith decided he wanted something quite simple and classic. We used the stage from the venue where the Glitter Room takes place.

Banbury Cross (who I shot at one of the Tassel Club shows) is headlining the show and modelled for the photos. Banbury is just effortlessly stunning and so easy to work with.

I really don't find doing shoots and working with models easy. I'm really unconfident in myself as a photographer, especially in front of people. I'm quite bad at giving direction, I get flustered easily and panic about the photos turning out badly (and disappointing/letting down the people i'm doing it for). I tried using flash but i'm not very good with flash as I just don't have the experience nor the practice with it.

What we ended up doing was taking one of the filters off one of the few stage lights that was working. The only problem with that was it was a weird angle and we struggled to get Banbury Cross' feet and legs light as well as the rest of her.

It took a while but normally I rush through and regret doing so but in the end i'm quite happy with how it's all turned out.

I put up 3 of the shots onto flickr but they are quite similar as we were trying for a certain look but there's some small differences which I like.

All in all it was a good experience and brief confidence booster so thank you to Keith and Banbury for baring with me.

This was my favourite of the shoot.

This is the final poster design for the show.

A couple more of the photos can be seen here.


  1. I love your honesty as always. This are great pictures, a great subtleness that alludes to more and Banbury Cross is a great model. With each session, you do great things. You're a gift