Sunday, 31 January 2010

Alkaline Trio - The Underworld

So second show at the underworld this week was Alkaline Trio. Bands like Alkaline Trio don't play these kind of shows often so I was pretty excited and I managed to get a photopass for the show thanks to Cindy Frey.

The difference between the Alkaline Trio show and 99% of other shows at The Underworld was that they had a barrier at the front of the stage creating a little photo pit but the only thing was they had the usual 3 songs/no flash rule.

After the 3 songs I shot from the side of the stage as usual for a little bit.

It was a superb show and i'm glad I didn't waste the opertunity.

Hopefully I should have some Rolo Tomassi photos up later today.

Rest of the photos can be seen here.

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