Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tassel Club & Glitter Room

Feels like it's been ages since I updated this. Been a very strange month and a very strange end to the year. some ups and some downs. My laptop hard drive died so I lost even more of the few photos I have left since the death of my external hard drive, Gallows postponed the dates I was going to due to illness and blessthefall was just too crazy and busy to shoot.

This will probably be the first of 3 blogs over the next dayish.

I got to shoot another show which is part of the Tassel Club at a venue called Pigalle. Lighting in venues is something that is really starting to frustrate me, the place was lit with nothing but orange light on the stage which just looked horrible and because of how the venue is laid out there's not really a decent point for me to duck down and get my shots.

More photos from the night can be seen here.

I also shot Decembers Glitter Room which had a really packed line up. Some of my friends/favourite performers were there and I took my parents along to see their first burlesque show. After shooting in places like the Proud and Pigalle venue's I was so glad to be somewhere that had better lighting. It's gotten so much better in the black sheep bar from when I started and I would like to think it shows in the photos.

More photos from the Glitter Room here.

I know I don't shoot all that regularly but I'm glad for a bit of a break. Need to have a bit of a think about what i'm doing (some of which I want to write about soon).

What a year.

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