Monday, 30 May 2011

On a more positive note..

That last blog post was a bit of a downer but I thought I'd put up some stuff which was a bit more on the positive side.

I've officially caught up on all my editing which I'm really happy about and I've managed to upload it all.

Hearts Under Fire - Islington Academy

Hearts Under Fire - Islington Academy

MiMi Soya & Scarlett Girls - Facedown

MiMi Soya - Facedown

Scarlett Girls - Facedown May 2011

London Rollergirls Season 3 Bout 6

Steam Rollers vs Ultraviolent Femmes - London Rollergirls

Harbour Grudges vs Suffra Jets - London Rollergirls

Miss Led - Big Chill House

Miss Led - Big Chill House

I photographed Miss Led painting a section of The Big Chill House in Kings Cross. She worked on it over two weeks at the end of April. We talked about the idea of doing a video and although I can't film anything on my camera I thought about editing a series of photos into a stop motion video. It was a lot different to shot. I spent less time thinking about each individual shots and tried to shoot a bit looser. I'm fairily happy with how it came out and I know how I would do it differently if I do it again (which I would like to do). Miss Led has another edit of the video with some shots of the finished rooms but I'm more interested how the work gets done than the finished pieces.

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